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I’m Wendy Catalano, and I founded Last Look Editorial Services in 2003 with the mission of helping growing companies and passionate professionals strengthen and clarify  their written messages or products, and improve the findability of their information. I work with publishers, web designers, global corporations, small businesses, authors, students,  and individual business professionals on editorial projects from A to Z.

The links above will take you to more information about my offerings. Depending on your needs, I’ll work individually or collaborate with other professionals to provide for your unique situation. I’m based in the greater Boston area, but I’ve worked with clients all over the United States and internationally. Give me a call, shoot me an email, or use the contact form here on the site, and let’s talk about how I can help you!

wendy@lastlookeditorial.com | 617-835-2400

Here’s what some of my wonderful clients are saying….


“My experience with Wendy was excellent throughout. She sent me drafts for comments and was responsive and creative about what I wanted. The final product was exactly what I had hoped for. I will definitely sign Wendy on for my next book. I am grateful for her intelligence and expertise and for her warm, intuitive, and thoughtful manner.”    

Dr. E.Y., author and university professor

“Wendy Catalano did superb work on what would have been an impossible task had a technologically challenged writer such a myself been left to her own devices:  an embedded index.  Not only did Wendy compile an index that was as thorough and comprehensive as I could ever wish for, but she did so in record time and in a manner that was consultative from start to finish, sending me drafts to review as soon as she’d completed chapters, incorporating suggestions with good grace, and assuaging any and all anxieties that a person unused to surrendering control had at handing over part of a book for someone else to work on.  When I compare the index that Wendy prepared with those of comparable texts, I see how much her care and attention to detail resulted in a concluding section to my book in which I can genuinely take pride.”

S.O., Author, The Cambridge Guide to Contemporary Fiction

“She was meticulous in her review, catching errors that had been missed in copyediting and several in-house reviews….it was important that the copyeditor have a sharp, sensitive eye. On more than one occasion I’ve recommended Wendy to colleagues.”  

C.D., Assistant Editor, public television station

“…it is imperative to us to submit the very best product to our customers. Wendy has always provided us with on-time, thoughtfully-prepared indexes without typos—tailored to the target length…. Wendy is one of our most valued freelancers.”

M.G., book packaging company president

“Wendy… has ably performed both copyediting and indexing jobs for us and has always been thoroughly professional, handing in polished work on or before the expected deadlines. She has exhibited a high level of expertise and knowledge…. We have come to count on her ability to get the work done and to do it right the first time. She has always been prompt and personable in responding to email or phone call requests. I have no hesitation in recommending Wendy for editorial services related work.”    

M.M., project management company

“As the Project Manager for the book, I was the person who communicated directly with Ms. Catalano.  I found her to be very professional and accommodating. She met the deadline on time despite our production schedule changing more than once. Her indexing skills are excellent. She was able to improve the index as compared to previous editions of the book, making it easier for the reader to use. I highly recommend Ms. Catalano for indexing jobs, and I would hire her again myself.”

D.K., Project Manager

 “Wendy Catalano created the thorough-going index, proofread the entire book, and created a much more market-savvy synopsis than I ever could have written on my own.”

C.M., from the Acknowledgments in The Death of Buy and Hold

“I’m happy to refer Wendy Catalano for indexing. She is a marvelous person to work with, and a knowledgeable professional that I trust and rely on. I’ve been working with Wendy for about 4 years. She is an honest, clear, and steady communicator, and raises questions early if she anticipates a problem. She works completely independently! She has met all my deadlines. My typesetter also commented on how clean the final indices have been. She does a great job and I recommend her without hesitation!” 

S.P., University Press Director

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