Website Copy

Website Copy

Your website is about to become more professional and more credible.

Indispensable advice to web designers, website owners, and bloggers: Never underestimate the importance of the words on your site(s). Websites are often the first contact someone has with your business, and even the slightest error in wording, punctuation, grammar, or (gasp!) spelling can leave your potential client questioning your care and professionalism. Often we don’t even realize that errors exist on our sites–after reading the text over and over again we just don’t see them.
We see web copy every day that’s been written by clearly bright and literate people, but words still get inadvertently left out, letters are transposed, or apostrophes and commas get misplaced. Not a big deal? Sorry. Like it or not, it tarnishes your image. Some people don’t notice, but lots do. More than you think. And for many, that’s all it takes to move on to your competitor’s site.

We comb through each site we edit, checking for all of the following:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Missing words
  • Sense and syntax
  • Consistency in spelling and punctuation throughout
  • Broken or misdirected links
  • Outdated information
  • Other concerns that can be checked upon request (Americanization, for example, is an invaluable service for non-native English speakers who want to sound less “foreign” and more polished)

Upon completion, we send the client a Word file with comments and the recommended changes shown. Whoever handles the site updates can then make the changes, and if needed we can take a “last look” to ensure that everything was done correctly. Some clients want changes made in their site files directly, so that’s an option as well. See? Easy.

Copywriting: If you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of writing the copy for your site, let us do it for you! With a list of the important points each page should convey, and a conversation about the tone you want to impart, we can write it for you, putting an end to the dread and procrastination. Delegate the writing, and you can concentrate on the business. Perfect.

Rates: Money spent up front to ensure a positive first impression to clients…well, that’s money well-spent. Rates for web content editing vary depending on the type of work and the complexity. The amount of text can change widely from site to site and page to page, so most often a per-word rate works best. We charge as little as two to three cents per word for proofreading and editing, and if more complex or additional work is required, like writing or rewriting, then we can provide a quoted project rate. Just reachout, and we’ll figure out what you need and what the cost will be.

A note to web designers: Your future clients are visiting your previous work to determine if they want to hire you. Make sure they want to.
It’s true that a lot of times you’re dealing with the copy your clients give you for their site. But you still need to be concerned about how it reflects on you. You can build our services into your project bids with very little effect on your bottom line. Then, before the site goes live, we’ll comb through all of it and ensure that your beautiful design isn’t marred by errors and inconsistencies. When content changes, a quick email alerts us to check it over, and you can immediately relax, knowing that you didn’t miss a thing (or if you did, that it’s fixed!).
Result: Peace of mind. You have a happy client who will recommend your services to friends and colleagues; and you can rest assured that your hard work highlights your creativity and design expertise, not embarrassing errors and typos.

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